Performap: Unleash the hidden power of your engine

Increased power and torque … just a click away thanks to our APP. No compromise, total control and reliability guarantee, today and for ever for your engine!

  • UP TO + 50% POWER
  • + 50% TORQUE

How is it possible?

  1. Depreciation costs.The cost of developing an engine costs the manufacturer billions of euros. The manufacturer therefore needs to amortise this development cost over at least 10-12 years of production. At the beginning of production, it will have a lower power, after 10 years often nearly twice as much. Marketing and electronics!
  2. Conditions of use. An engine must work perfectly both at the Equator and at the North Pole (very high temperature variations), with an excellent fuel as well as with a bad one, with high humidity or not. That is why our APP allows you to enter these parameters. More incoming data = better results
  3. Type of customers. The manufacturer must satisfy everyone: from the pensioner who wishes to travel smoothly, to the techie who would sacrifice everything for more horse power, to the professional who only checks his credit card at the petrol station. The Performap APP allows you to adapt all this according to your needs.”


Increased Power and Torque

The car’s power and torque increase up to more than 50%. By improving the efficiency of combustion, the injected fuel burns completely, producing a greater average effective pressure (greater thrust) on the piston; power and torque always at your disposal as soon as you hit the accelerator.

Higher top speed

Thanks to the increased power, the top speed (if not limited electronically or by gear ratio) increases. Let’s take an example. A car needs 40 PS to reach 125 km/h, however a doubled power of 80 PS will reach only 157 km/h and not 250 km/h.

Faster acceleration and recovery

Vigorous acceleration due to the significant increase in power; the substantial increase in torque will allow you to have an ever-ready engine, regardless of the ratio that you are in (with Performap, the response in fourth is better than that in third of the original configuration) Example: Alfa Giulia 2.2 D 150PS 0-100 km in 8.4sec, with Performap in 7.2 sec (+ 51PS!).

More character

Thanks to the choice of 4 driving maps with the APP, your engine will always be in the ideal conditions to deal with any situation. Traffic jams in the city or motorway travel, the ECO setting will help you relax. Mountain road to be tackled aggressively? With Race or Race+ satisfaction is guaranteed. Are you still looking for something more?

More customisation

Only Performap allows you to enter the real operating conditions of your car in the App’s dedicated interface and it offers the possibility to manually calibrate the engine map, satisfying even the most experienced driver with a completely customised and tailor-made profile for your engine!

More driving pleasure

All this translates into a single aspect: uncompromised driving pleasure, no matter how you rate it. It is no longer the manufacturer who dictates the character of your car, but your mobile phone with our APP that controls Performap.

  • UP TO + 50% POWER
  • + 50% TORQUE

How long will it take to recoup the cost of Performap?

Get more power for less with Performap!

Model A standard. Standard power: 180 PS

price around €43,000

Model B with Performap. Standard power 136 PS, Performap Power 182 PS

price around €35,000

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