4 maps

setting conditions

total control

burglar alarm

Are you ready to enter Performap mode?

Then transform your engine and experience full control, unleash all its potential with a simple click at your fingertips!

fuel pressure

turbo pressure

ON/OFF button


Everything under control in a glance.

The fuel pressure performance is shown in real time (or that of the turbo) and the variation with respect to the original parameters is also shown.

The Lock, Setup and Mapping buttons guarantee quick access to the configuration screens.

Also, the ON/OFF button allows you to turn on/off the controller with a simple click.

4 specific maps

1 customisable map

power regulator

total control

The main page of our APP…

    1. Eco: optimises driving to reduce fuel consumption and emissions
    2. Sport: choose the best compromise between performance and power consumption
    3. Race: decisively increases the performance of everyday driving
    4. RacePlus: demand the maximum and be in control of a merciless performance
    5. Custom: sets the parameters to your liking for a level of fine-tuning never seen before!The main page of our APP …Change the character of your car with a simple click, choose the most suitable map for your needs.


graphics curve

regime selection

maximum customisation

Performap is synonymous with customisation:

Do you want a super aggressive map at low gears and gentler in the highs? No problem … or maybe more tame in low and medium gears and a tiger in high? As simple as a click.


The equaliser enables you do draw the curve of your desires. The ability to return to the original maps is always just a click away.

Grazie all’equalizzatore, potrai disegnare la curva dei tuoi desideri. La possibilità di tornare alle mappe originali è sempre a portata di click.

fuel setting

temperature setting

humidity setting

warm up time

Adapts Performap to environmental conditions

The fundamental parameters for perfect engine operation … the manufacturers produce generic maps due to these factors. Define them and allow the engine to safely express its full potential.


  1. Fuel quality: communicates the anti-knocking value of your fuel to the control unit. Select 9 if you use a plus fuel (Vpower, BluDiesel, ..); 7 if you use German or English fuel; 5 for normal Italian fuel; 1 or 2 for low quality fuel (typically if you are in Africa)
  2. Temperature: does your engine breathe more rarefied or denser air? It is summer or winter? Report this info to Performap. Select the scale (Celsius or Fahrenheit) and indicate the temperature of the environment.
  3. Humidity: indicates whether you are in a very humid area (9) or very dry (1)
  4. Heating time: this is the preheating time, namely the minutes from when the engine is started during which the control unit doesn’t work; 15 minutes if you do not check the water and oil temperature before you let rip; 30 seconds if you’re careful and you want Performap to start to give power immediately!

burglar alarm

fuel block

Maximum safety

on-off in 1 click

Safety comes first

activate the burglar alarm with the engine off when you exit the car and the fuel injection will be blocked … a good challenge for any thief trying to steal your vehicle.

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