Performap: The Best Quality 100% Made in Italy

Quality is our obsession: Performap is entirely designed in Italy and immediately after programming and testing on the bench, each piece is branded by the specialised technician who assembled it.

  • 100% MADE IN ITALY

We scrupulously check every stage of the production process of our supplementary control units, subjecting our products to numerous and in-depth tests at every stage. During these checks, we also verify the operation of the product installed in a car, carrying out a complete check on the vehicle and its braking system. Confident in the quality of Performap, we offer 5 years guarantee on manufacturing defects or faults

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Roller bench test

The data first of all! The vehicles are tested in our centre first in their original configuration, then after the installation of Performap. Power and torque data are measured in both tests. Several test cycles follow one another in order to refine the calibration (the 4 preset driving maps) specifically for the engine.

Road tests

Driving pleasure is our goal. Therefore, after bench tests, our testers travel thousands of kilometres on the circuit in order to detect any further possibility of improvement. Each recommendation is reported in the briefing with the engineers, who the make the modification. The test is repeated on the track, if the test driver decides, it is retested at the bench (for the final data) and then proceeds for sale.

Braking tests

Performap substantially increases the power and torque of the vehicle. Therefore, our testers make sure that the standard braking systems can perform their function perfectly, even if they have to manage superior performances, engaging them in fading tests and overbearing situations on different private circuits.

Emissions test

Lower fuel consumption means lower Co2 emissions, so we also take this into consideration during our tests. The environment is important to us, and when it does not affect the pleasure of driving, we often tweak certain parameters precisely for this purpose.

Electromagnetic compatibility test

The Ece-R10 test is carried out in order to ensure perfect compatibility and compliance with automotive regulations in terms of electromagnetic compatibility. The device must not emit disturbances that could interfere with the electronics of the vehicle, nor suffer interference from other electromagnetic sources present in the vehicle or in the environment.

Impermeability test

The exterior case is tested for impermeability to water and fine dust. It’s totally impermeable and compliant to the IP69 standard (pressurised water spray). The internal card is also completely resined to protect the components from vibrations and heat (however, avoid washing Performap with a pressure washer).

  • 100% MADE IN ITALY

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