Performap: Engine Tuning 100% Made in Italy

Performap is entirely designed in Italy and each piece is branded by the specialised technician who assembled it. Is the excellence of Made in Italy in the field of engine tuning.


Characteristics in detail:


  • Processor: microcontroller for vehicles, processes the optimal set-up for each load variation
  • FLASH MEMORY: contains the specific software for the car on which the supplementary control unit will be installed
  • APP: allows maximum customisation of the engine based on the driver’s needs
  • CASING: external case in galvanised aluminium for maximum resistance, matt and screen print painted, total impermeability IP69
  • WIRING: original connectors with IP67 impermeability, T4 wires, self-extinguishing corrugated coating

999€ 499€
Change the character of your car with just one click



Aluminium box

Tuning box entirely in painted aluminium for greater strength and better product aesthetics. Software and design 100% Made in Italy, for 360-degree quality.

Control via APP

Adjustment of engine power from inside your car via a dedicated APP. You can choose from 4 driving maps, customise a fifth one in manual mode and control the power delivered, increasing or decreasing it within a range of values provided.

Simple installation

Installing the device is simple and intuitive so that technical intervention is not required: the customer can independently proceed with the installation of the control unit, following the instructions supplied with the product. The operation takes only 10-15 minutes.

Original connectors

Supply of original connectors with IP67 impermeability, to better meet the assembly standards of car manufacturers. Purchased from the same suppliers as the manufacturer. (Compatible connectors should be used exclusively for discontinued models).

Flash memory

The flash memory facilitates the possible remapping of the control unit. In the event of a car change, simply re-programme the memory based on the specifications of the new car. Wiring changes will not always be necessary (if the manufacturer has not changed).

Power and safety

The tuning uses the power reserves, without interfering with engine protection systems, which maintain their functionality, ensuring control and security. The installation of Performap does not expose the engine of your car to any kind of risk.


How long will it take to recoup the cost of Performap?

How Performap works

Car manufacturers are forced to make compromises regarding the calibration of engine control and management. Very often the power is differentiated through electronics: identical hardware, different software. Performap allows you to take advantage of the available engine power reserves, respecting the tolerances are important to ensure reliability. Obtaining power increases up to 50%. How does it happen?

The microprocessor optimises various parameters, improving the nebulisation of the fuel in the combustion chamber.

Try to dissolve sugar in a cube rather than granulated sugar. With the same mixing time, the granulated sugar will melt completely, unlike the cube. In fact, the contact surface between the water and the cube is limited only to the outer surface of the 6 faces, while that of the granulated sugar is much wider. By increasing the contact surface, all fuel injected is burned, generating more power.

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