• + 50% POWER -20% CONSUMPTION

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Chip tuning box for diesel and petrol engines

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Performap is the supplementary control unit that enables the engine of your car to give the maximum, ensuring excellent performance and a completely unprecedented and remarkable drive. Buy Performap online, the chip tuning box for turbo diesel and turbo petrol engines, compatible with almost all car models currently circulating in Europe and throughout the world.

Select your four-wheeler and find out how Performap can increase its power and optimise its fuel consumption.

1999€ 999€

4 driving maps

+ 50% power -20% consumption

Real-time data control

+ respect for the environment

Performap: technical characteristics

You can buy Performap from home and receive it all over the world via our online tuning shop. The EMC2 branded supplementary control unit has no installation costs: you can proceed with its installation in complete autonomy, simply following the instructions and video tutorial you will receive with the product.

The installation of Performap does not result in the loss of your car’s guarantee. The Performap chip tuning box can be removed at any time and if you change cars, it can be reused: just request that the control unit be reprogrammed at our centre.

How much does Performap cost? The excellent quality-price ratio of the EMC2 tuning box  helps to register thousands of purchases every year via both the e-shop and in-store purchases. Maximum quality at an affordable price.


The Performap App

Performap is controlled via a dedicated app.

Specifically, you can choose in real time, one of the 4 configured driving maps, create one that you like (manually customisable engine map), switch the control unit on or off, insert the alarm and also indicate some environmental parameters based on which, the device optimises the power output of the engine.

APP INCLUDED IN THE PRICE. The regulation of the supplementary control unit via the app enables comfortable, practical, simple and fast management, for do-it-yourself engine tuning, available to everyone.

Visit the specific page for more information. Click here (and put links to the APP page, click here in aquamarine).

  • Dedicated app
  • Microcontroller
  • Original connectors

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