Nothing great was ever built without passion and enthusiasm

2009 foundation

3 engineers

12 technicians

10 years OF HISTORY

The passion for innovation and for scientific and technological research have always animated the EMC2 team, a dynamic company, always on moving forward, active since 2009. The incessant, passionate and synergic work of the three engineers – IT and electronic – of EMC2 has led to the creation of Performap, the result of 10 years of research and design in the technological field applied to the sector of engine tuning.

  • June 2018: An innovative new product coming soon! Top Secret!
  • December 2017: Performap Pedal is born
  • October 2016: Performap Engine Is Born
  • July 2015: New Office in Milan City
  • March 2014: Test bench installation
  • January 2013: 100,000 control units sold
  • September 2012: Development of two-channel control unit
  • June 2011: 20,000 control units sold
  • May 2010: First single-channel control unit sold
  • April 2009 The “Supplementary Control Unit” project is born
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