100% Tecnologia italiana, 100% Stile italiano!

100% made in Italy

Quality components

Sophisticated design

Branded with passion

Quality is our obsession, and to guarantee it, we manufacture each component internally or via our primary partners on Italian territory.


Many Italian companies move their production facilities or customer support services abroad: we at Performap, as the most renowned super car builders of Motor Valley, believe that direct control of all processes is the only way to ensure the highest standards of quality, maintain them over time and constantly improve them.


And we are proud to brand our product 100% Made in Italy.


Chip tuning box specialists, the EMC2 engineers have created the best 100% Made in Italy supplementary car control unit, establishing a new benchmark in the current panorama of products dedicated to improving performance, thanks to innovations for the control and adaptation of engine parameters according to environmental conditions.


The company has sold over 60,000 pieces of the basic product through online and in-store channels, thanks also to the efficient online customer support offered.


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