Conditions of sale

The guarantee period for defects found after purchasing is 24 months.

The guarantee is void in the event of improper use or tampering with the purchased product by persons not authorised by “EMC2 SRL”

To take advantage of the guarantee, the customer must send by fax or email:

– code and description of the defective item

– accurate description of the defect found

– copy of the purchase invoice or courier transportation document

– name, telephone number and e-mail, in order to be contacted by the service centre.

After receiving the necessary information from the service centre, the products must be packaged appropriately, in their original packaging and shipped prepaid (charges paid by the customer) to the company headquarters. After repairing, the product will be returned to the customer with an invoice for transportation costs at standard market prices.


Items sent under guarantee, on departing the company headquarters, are under the total responsibility of the customer.

The guarantee will not be valid in the event of accidental damage to the product, unless suitable communication is received within 48 hours of receipt of the package and before its installation.

Products for automotive use

Products intended for automotive use (supplementary petrol or turbo diesel modules and electronic engine processing systems) can be used only and exclusively for racing (sports) use in closed circuits, private circuits or private areas, except for procedures of vehicle re-approval.

“EMC2 SRL” declines all responsibility for different uses.

“EMC2 SRL” assumes no responsibility for any damage caused to persons and/or things, caused by the products purchased (or by the improper use of the same).

The supplementary modules of “EMC2 SRL” are pre-set during construction; since the user has the possibility to modify the regulating parameters of the aforementioned modules, “EMC2 SRL” cannot be held liable for damages of any nature that could be caused by the products, the engine or other components of the vehicle, as a direct or indirect consequence of tampering or incorrect calibrations by the user or someone on their behalf.

“EMC2 SRL”, declines all responsibility for any use that does not comply with the laws of the country in which the supplementary modules are used ”


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