How much will my car’s performance increase with the Performap control unit?

Your car’s power and torque can increase by more than 50%. By improving the efficiency of the engine, power and torque are improved. Enter the data in the configurator and check out the increments. Click here.

How much will the fuel consumption of my car decrease with the Performap control unit?

Consumption may decrease up to 20% on many models. To know how long will it take to recoup the cost of Performap, click here. In any case, a careful driving style should be maintained, changing gear early to take advantage of the increased performance. After the control unit is installed, you will have higher power and torque values for the same engine rotation speed. The greater torque allows you to move to the next gear at a lower speed, maintaining the same performance as before. Fewer fuel injections per minute equals less fuel used and therefore greater savings.

Why don't manufacturers install standard control units?

The reasons are many. The first reason is about the marketing and segmentation of the range of products. For example, take a manufacturer like BMW: the engine mounted in the 320d, is the same as that in the 316d and the 318d, with the only difference in the control unit programming – the so-called mapping.

Another reason relates to the depreciation of the design costs. The cost of developing an engine is around 1.2 – 1.5 billion euros: the manufacturer therefore needs to amortise this development cost over at least 10 – 12 years of production. For this reason, from time to time, the engine management map is electronically modified to make it appear new and more attractive to the public.


The third reason relates to the environmental conditions in which the engine is used, it must work perfectly both at the Equator and at the North Pole (air density varies a lot with temperature variations), and this is why some injection parameters (directly related to the amount of air intake) need to be very elastic. Performap allows you to refine this adjustment based on the environmental conditions in which the engine is used.


The fourth reason concerns the quality of the fuel: whilst in Italy, fuel is not as excellent as that used in German, it is nonetheless high in octane (or cetane in the case of diesel) with excellent anti-knocking properties (unlike African or Spanish fuels), and therefore, the injection advance is also refined.

The last reason relates to the type of customers. The manufacturer must satisfy everyone: from the pensioner who wishes to travel smoothly, to the techie who would sacrifice everything for more horse power, to the professional who only checks his credit card at the petrol station.

How does Performap work?

Performap is connected between the engine control unit and sensors in the engine itself. We optimize these parameters. The instant engine operating parameters are intercepted and optimised according to the driving situation. In this way, Performap  optimises the quantity of fuel injected, the duration of the injection, the injection time and the boost pressure. This optimisation generates better engine recovery, increased power and fuel savings.

Is the engine stressd more by Performap?

Engines are already designed for power increases by the manufacturer. The manufacturer themselves can offer higher power levels and evolutions of existing components. Furthermore, the greater stress occurs only in the event of full delivery of the power (the car is not always driven at full throttle).

Since Performap is activated only if the power is actually supplied (e.g. during an acceleration), components such as the engine, clutch, gearbox and brakes are further stressed only within the limits of what is technically viable. All security features (recovery mode) of the engine will remain unchanged.
When used appropriately, no expect any reduction in service life is expected.

Can I also use Performap with diesel particulate filter (DPF) and with Euro 6 engines?

Performap can be used on engines with diesel particulate filters (DPF) without any problem. Ditto if the engine is classified Euro 5 or Euro 6. Each Performap is specifically programmed for the engine on which it will be installed, so everything is provided for in our configuration phase. Thus guaranteeing perfect compatibility.

Can the control unit disturb the ABS and ESP?

All our products undergo EMC testing, concluding that they don’t influence other components from the electromagnetic point of view.

Is your question not in the FAQ?

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Is Performap specific to my car?

Each Performap is developed and programmed specially for an engine and its control unit. This way you get an optimal calibration and power delivery for your vehicle.

Can I uninstall Performap from my vehicle and restore the standard configuration?

Yes, quickly and without problems. As soon as you have dismantled Performap and reconnected the original connectors, the vehicle will regain the standard configuration.

Can I install it with an automatic gearbox?

All models of cars equipped with an automatic gearbox are perfectly suitable for the installation of our supplementary control unit. The increases in performance and reduced consumption are exactly the same as similar models equipped with manual gearboxes. The reliability of the whole car is optimally guaranteed.

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Does the manufacturer’s guarantee remain unchanged?

Definitely The application with original connectors leaves no trace of intervention on the car’s electrical system and in the event of a diagnosis during a service. Also, no abnormal results in the data are noted in the control phase, given that the module always works within a range of values compatible with that of the original control unit. So no previous action on the car will ever be detected in the service centre.

Can I return the item if I am not satisfied?

Yes. When you receive your shipment you have 14 days right of withdrawal and you can have a full refund. However, the item must be intact, not worn or dented and returned in its original packaging.

Do you provide a product installation service?

Yes, at our headquarters in Milan. However, installation is really simple and fast, just follow the instructions and the video that will be provided with your product purchase. We are also always available via email and phone for further information.

I sold my car, can I reuse it?

Just send us back the control unit and we’ll reprogramme it for your new car, replace the wiring if different and we’ll send it back to you promptly! All at an affordable price.

Do you provide direct assistance?

Contact us via e-mail or phone via the Contact us section. We provide advice to resolve any kind of uncertainty or doubt about component installation and operation.

Is your question not in the FAQ?

Contact us directly at and we’ll get back to you within a few hours.

Our technical staff are always available to offer skilled chip tuning assistance for the Performap supplementary control unit. We have collated a series of FAQs to help you easily find a lot of useful information relating to the operation and use of Performap.

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