Outstanding engineers with the cutting-edge equipment

3 engineers

12 technicians

47 measurment instruments

1 single passion

The company believes and invests heavily in research and development. In addition to the 3 internal engineers, a team of over 10 specialised technicians coordinated by our CEO are continuously focused on implementing new solutions, on progressively improving the software of our products and on the most advanced optimisations of electronic parts, providing monthly updates and new features.


The state-of-the-art instrumentation of our internal workshop (oscilloscopes, voltage generators, multimeters, spectrum analysers, automotive OBD diagnostic equipment) enable the accuracy and reproducibility of the tests that are performed daily, in order to maintain excellent quality for all our products.

Performap, a Made in Italy product of excellence in the field of car engine tuning, was born from the desire to achieve perfection in the creation of an innovative chip tuning box: extremely functional and of impeccable quality, Performap also boasts a sophisticated design, typical of Italian manufactured products.

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