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EMC2, chip tuning box specialists

Made in Italy supplementary car control unit

The passion for innovation and for scientific and technological research have always animated the EMC2 team, a dynamic company, always on moving forward, active since 2009.

The incessant, passionate and synergic work of the three engineers – IT and electronic – of EMC2 has led to the creation of Performap, the result of 10 years of research and design in the technological field applied to the sector of engine tuning.

Performap, the innovative chip tuning box

Performap, a Made in Italy product of excellence in the field of car engine tuning, was born from the desire to achieve perfection in the creation of an innovative chip tuning box: extremely functional and of impeccable quality, Performap also boasts a sophisticated design, typical of Italian manufactured products.

The best 100% Made in Italy supplementary car control

Chip tuning box specialists, the EMC2 engineers have created the best 100% Made in Italy supplementary car control unit, establishing a new benchmark in the current panorama of products dedicated to improving performance, thanks to innovations for the control and adaptation of engine parameters according to environmental conditions.


The company has sold over 60,000 pieces of the basic product through online and in-store channels, thanks also to the efficient online customer support offered.

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