Performap Engine: Mini One D 95 HP 2014-



Performap Engine: Mini One D 95 HP 2014-

Unleash the engine of your Mini One D with the Performap Engine add-on unit and grant yourself a completely new driving experience. Increases engine power and torque up to 50% and reduce consumption by 20% Turn your mite 95 HP from 220 Nm into a lending 140 HP from 324 Nm: adding 45 HP and 104 Nm to the engine of your Mini One D exploit the maximum performance of your new car. Try new driving sensations and keep the fuel costs of your Mini One D, using the best of your new engine.

Before 95 HP 220 Nm
  +45 HP +104 Nm
After 140 HP 324 Nm
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Chiptuning of the Performap Engine for Mini One D

Why choose the additional unit Performap Engine? The chip tuning box Made in Italy signed by EMC2 is the best additional ECU on the market for the tuning engine diesel or petrol. You can adjust Performap Engine comfortably from the cockpit of your car, through a Dedicated APP – included in the price -, choosing from 4 different driving maps, one of which is completely configurable, but that’s not all. Are still convinced, here is a list of other good reasons to choose Performap Engine:

Advantages of Chip tuning for Mini One D

  • 4 Different DRIVING MAPS
  • Additional fully configurable driving map
  • Dedicated APP included in the price
  • Power regulation with APP
  • Power and torque increase up to + 50%
  • Reduction of consumption up to -20%
  • Reusable, in case of car change
  • Can be installed in autonomy in just 5 minutes
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